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some firms with Bruze in their corner

bruze [br oo :z] – verb

To injure, especially psychologically:
The campaign was relentless; the goal was to Bruze the confidence of the competition.

To damage, as by a blow(s) or pressure:
Repeated public successes, which influence client opinion, will Bruze your rivals' reputation.

To go the distance - to win the title fight - you need the right people behind you.

Having Bruze's innovative and comprehensive solutions in their corner has enabled our clients to consistently achieve lower operating costs, increased revenues, and improved service.

Take a look at some of our clients, and projects we've worked on, and see why we have the savvy to meet your evolving business objectives and provide your clients with an engaging, lasting experience.

Project Spotlight

RIM / Verizon –
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Some companies that have Bruze in their corner:

  1. Fidelity Investments
  2. Hitachi
  3. Learning Library Inc.
  4. Research In Motion
  5. Russell Investments
  6. The United Way

If you would like information regarding a specific project, or would like to learn more about how we can help you in the fight, send us an email []

A Matter of Survival

Like a prize fighter, you need good people in your corner to get the job done right; coach, trainer, cutter and manager. We provide that same winning depth of talent and expertise with our team; gifted developers, brilliant designers, sharp product analysts, astute media buyers and tenacious publicists as the project and client demand.

At Bruze we want to help our clients do one thing: Get results. And we believe this means being prepared for battle. The struggle for marketshare requires that you employ sound fighting principles.